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Great audio is a combination of high quality equipment and skillful deployment. Our engineers and sound technicians aim to deliver clear, evenly distributed sound to your entire audience. We stock a wide range of audio products and are constantly updating our inventory. Whether you’re looking for compact powered speakers and a wireless microphone for an intimate gathering, or a flown line array covering a large outdoor festival with thousands of attendees, Forge Audio is dedicated to delivering excellent sound.


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Illumination, mood, motion: lighting is a versatile and effective way of shaping the atmosphere of your event. Wash a bland space with colour and shapes, create a singular focus point, or add moving energy and excitement!We can design unique and inspiring solutions, covering large concert light shows down to simple and subtle effects for a wedding venue. Let our talented lighting technicians creatively transform your event.


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A unique vision system can be created to animate a building, complex structure, company logo or custom sized video surface. Projection mapping removes the boundaries of conventional fixed format screens, allowing for innovative and creative design. Multiple projectors can be used to create long seamless video displays or to bring 3D surfaces and objects to life. Forge Audio can provide a range of projectors, screen sizes and video equipment to present your vision.


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We stock reliable industry standard CDJs and mixers, monitors and DJ booths.

Combine our DJ equipment with a sound system, lighting or our production services for a complete event package.